Assignment 1 (60 minutes)

Reflect on your own classroom practice. Is the majority of the delivery ‘Chalk & Talk’? What about using computers as a change agent? Think of a lesson where you know the students often struggle to remain engaged and consider how this lesson could be enhanced using technology:

  1. One Computer & Data Projector: Does the lesson lend itself to multimedia? Could you create a presentation with pictures, illustrations, animations, video or photographs? What about adding sound? Are there some sound clips, speeches, music etc. that could accompany the text?
  2. A pod of 3-5 Computers: Could the lesson be cut up so that student groups are required to collect data to build a full understanding of the topic. Stations could be developed, some with digital media, some with library books some with the class textbook etc. and students take turns at each station or report back to each other their findings.
  3. Individual Laptops or Mobile Devices: If more technology is available can you use the productivity tools to help students demonstrate learning or at least consolidate the information you have told them.

Consider the queries above and then using a word processor revise the lesson so that technology plays a supporting role.

60 minutes
Total 3 hours
Technology Literacy
Teachers should be able to manage the use of supplemental ICT resources with individuals and small groups of students in the regular classroom so as not to disrupt other instructional activities. (TL.5.b)