1. Using a word processing program on a computer, construct a matrix of possibilities/uses for a single computer in the classroom.
  2. Identify 5  challenges you might encounter in the use of a single computer in a classroom situation. Think specifically around timing, the rate at which learners learn and their particular skills level).
  3. A number of practical considerations should be observed when planning for the integration of ICT in the classroom. Refer to the list of ideas below with regards to Planning for ICT Integration and in your word processor document, think of and capture an additional 5 factors to consider when planning for ICT use in the classroom. Provide an explanation for each.

Planning for ICT Integration
When setting up a school for ICT consider these insights from ISE:

Teachers should be able to manage the use of supplemental ICT resources with individuals and small groups of students in the regular classroom so as not to disrupt other instructional activities. (TL.5.b)
60 minutes
Total 3 hours
Technology Literacy