ICT can offer a quality supplement to classroom teaching. Integrating ICT into daily learning activities can assist students learning individually or in groups. Not only does the use of ICT enhance the learning experience and allow learners to make connections to the outside world, but it also gives learners a place to find resources and to create work products. One of the biggest challenges many teachers face is a lack of computers. Yet even with only one computer in the classroom, there are many ways to use ICT effectively to improve learning.


  1. Working in pairs, think about how one computer can be best used in each of the following situations:
    • Individual learning
    • Small groups
    • Whole-class learning.
  2. Next, brainstorm several teacher uses and student uses for the single computer and identify specific activities that can be used for each.
  3. Discuss your ideas as a group as part of a tutor-led discussion.
Teachers should be able to manage the use of supplemental ICT resources with individuals and small groups of students in the regular classroom so as not to disrupt other instructional activities. (TL.5.b)
60 minutes
Total 3 hours
Technology Literacy