Selecting ICT Resources to
Support Curriculum Outcomes

'The education paradigm in the 21st Century has moved away from teacher-centred instruction to student-centred learning. The challenge for teachers is to make the best use of ICT in order to enhance teaching and learning.’ Complete the following online tutorial at the Educator Learning Journey’s website.
( Ref: Educator learner journeys)

Task 1
Educator Learning Journey Tutorials
(Unit 1: Bringing Teaching and Learning to Life).

Tutorial 1 (Online):
Supporting Teaching and Learning with ICT (25 Minutes)

‘21st Century teachers and students need to develop ‘21st Century skills’, such as critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. ICT tools can foster the development of those skills and enhance traditional ways of teaching and learning, if used in the right way. This topic demonstrates how the ‘best’ ICT resource or tool depends on your specific learning objective(s), the resources you have access to and the level of skill you and your students have in using the tool.’
Access at

Teachers should be able to match specific curriculum standards to particular software packages and computer applications and describe how these standards are supported by these applications. (TL.2.a)
120 min
Total 3 hours
Technology Literacy