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Pre-service teachers should be able to use networked record keeping software to take attendance, submit grades, and maintain student records. (TL.4.j)

Computer tutorial designed to help learners construct a class mark book using spreadsheet program. Excel skills covered include basic formatting, SUM, AVERAGE and creating formulas to determine term marks.

Duration: Total of 4 notional hours – 2 hour computer practical session, 2 hour self-study on a computer.

Notes to Facilitator: This session’s aim is to introduce participants to the use of a spreadsheet for record-keeping purposes, namely a class mark book. There are two tutorials offered here, both aimed at achieving the creation of a mark book in Excel. The first is for new users (beginners) and will guide them through the steps required to develop a simple mark book. Skills that will be taught include basic formatting, creating totals and averages, and creating formulas. The second is for intermediate users that have already had some experience using Excel.

The skills covered include Autofill, AutoFilters, Conditional Formatting, Customising Toolbars and the VLOOKUP function. The facilitator will need to support the student teachers on both sets of tutorials.

It should also be noted that this activity is a recommended Portflio Task and if you are following the assessment strategy you have the option of collecting in the completed spreadsheets for marking.

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