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Pre service teachers should be able to match specific curriculum standards to particular software packages and computer applications and describe how these standards are supported by these applications. (TL.2.a)

Computer practical using online Educator Learning Journy online tutorials. Tutor session to look at creating lesson plans based on curriculum guides

Duration: Total of 3 notional hours – 2 hours computer practical session and 1 hour tutorial, preferably at a computer.

Notes to Facilitator: Participants will need to have access to a computer with Internet connectivity. You should be on hand to provide support as required and the participants should be encouraged, wherever possible, to liaise with their peers to solve problems. Upon completion of the tutorials, participants should have developed an understanding of the relationship between the level of effectiveness of an ICT resource and a particular classroom setting.

The facilitator should present a plenary session in order to consolidate the participants’ understanding. The plenary session should note the following: ‘The ‘best’ ICT resource or tool for any given situation depends on your specific learning objective(s), the resources you have access to and the level of skill you and your students have in using the tool’.

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