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Pre-service teachers can set up a record keeping system using a school wide system (2.3)

Computer practical focuses on online tools to help track student and school records. Students go therough the steps to develop a collaboratively generated class report

Duration: Total of 2 notional hours – 2 hour computer practical session.

Notes to Facilitator: This session’s aim is to introduce participants to the idea of collaborative databases containing school and class data. For the purposes of this practical, two free simple school administration packages have been identified:

SchoolTool ( - which runs off Ubuntu or Fedora Linux v9 operating systems

TS School (Std. Ed.) ( - which runs off a Microsoft Windows OS.

However, these should be replaced if there is a standardised package that is a requirement of the education ministry. It is best that the facilitator has installed one of these packages on the server and loaded some test data onto the database. Allow participants to access the database for the tasks identified below.

Use an introduction like the one below to provide the participants with an understanding of what they will experience:

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