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Pre-service teachers are able describe and demonstrate the basic tasks and uses of word processors, such as text entry, editing text, formatting text and printing (TL.4.b). 

Students need to write a short report on practical strategies that could fulfil some of the policy directives

Duration: Total of 4 notional hours – 1 hour computer practical session, 2.5 hours self-study preferably at a computer and a 30-minute tutorial.

Notes to Facilitator: Participants will need to be provided with an opportunity to work in a computer laboratory setting in order to develop their word processing skills. Participants should spend time working through the activities listed below in order to develop their skills and confidence.  The facilitator will need to be on hand to support Participants who encounter problems completing the activities. Participants should be encouraged to try and solve problems using the Microsoft Word Help facility as well as working with their peers to resolve issues. See Using a Word Processor for more information about Word Processors.


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