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In this unit, participants practice opening the browser software, ensuring they are connected and then typing in various URLs. They also learn to analyse a URL for domain information.

Pre service teachers should be able to describe the Internet and the World Wide Web, elaborate on their uses, describe how a browser works and use a URL to access a website. (UNESCO ICT-CFT, TL.4.e)

Duration: Total of 2 notional hours – 30 minute lecture, 30 minutes self-study session and a 1 hour computer practical session.

Notes to facilitator: Participants will need an overview of the concept of ‘Internet’, specifically what it is and what services are on offer. One could also look briefly at the origin of the Internet. More importantly, however, is alerting them to what meanings lie in the structure of the URL. The open education resource, ‘A Brief Guide to the Internet’, can be used to facilitate this section.

In the second phase of the tutorial, use your computer to demonstrate basic browser operations: inserting a URL, back, forward, stop, home, etc.

Another OER at Scribd could be used to guide this process. Finally, set the participants a task to do on their own. There is a free online tutorial that covers the ground you have introduced. Ask them to complete the first half: ‘Introduction’ and ‘Getting started’.

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