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Pre-service teachers should be able to use ICT to enhance their own productivity (TL.6.a)

Students discuss how conventionalday to day tasks can be handled more efficiently using ICT tools and reflect on sklls and knowledge needed to develop these ICT skills.

Duration: Total of 3.5 notional hours – 1.5 hour tutorial, 1.5 hour computer practical session and 30 minute self-study session, preferably at a computer.

Notes to Facilitator: Here you will introduce participants to the topic of teacher productivity. Distribute copies of the table below to the participants, who should be grouped in pairs. This table clearly identifies activities and how they are currently performed by teachers, using traditional approaches. The participants should discuss in pairs how each of the activities can be handled more efficiently using ICT tools and then brainstorm ideas for sharing with the entire class. Although ICT enables us to perform a wide variety of tasks with great speed and efficiency, it also poses some challenges. Instruct the participants to also discuss amongst themselves examples of what some of the challenges might be. Then facilitate a group discussion sharing the ideas amongst the entire class. A completed version of the table with sample answers can be accessed here. Please note that this text has only been provided as a guide.

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