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Pre-service teachers should be able to identify and manage internet safety issues (TL.6.c)

Lecture with case studies on Internet safety, self study on Digital Citizenship, Tutorial on safety hints and a prac session pulling all elements together to develop startegy.

Duration:Total of 4 notional hours – 1 hour lecture, 1 hour self-study session (preferably at a computer), 1 hour tutorial and 1 hour computer practical session.

Notes to Lecturer: The purpose of this lecture is to provide an overview of some of the common threats that students are exposed to while navigating the Web, interacting on social networks and accessing digital resources. Participants need to be made aware of these threats and be provided with guidance as to how to safely navigate away from harmful digital environments and situations. The facilitator may also draw on the following resources for additional information:

Supply participants with a case study for discussion either presented on an overhead projector or distributed to students in print format. The following case studies have been provided as examples: 1 | 2 | 3

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