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Objectives: Pre-service teachers explain and analyse the principles of using ICT in education. Describe how these principles can be put into practice in their own teaching. Analyse what issues arise in implementing these principles and how the issues can be addressed (KD.1.a).

Pre-service teachers operate various open-ended software packages appropriate to their subject matter area, such as visualisation, data analysis, role-play simulations, and online references (KD.4.a).

Duration: Total of 6 notional hours – 2 hour tutorial, 2 hour computer practical and 1.5 hour self-study activity (preferably at a computer) and a second 30-minute tutorial.

Computer Practical: Total 2 hours

Notes to Facilitator: During the Technology Literacy course, students were introduced to the Internet and WWW and were given an opportunity to develop basic searching skills and later, more complex Boolean searching skills. In this unit students will apply the skills and knowledge developed in order to search for educational websites and summarise the services available. Students should be divided into groups consisting of no more than 10 members. Each group will require access to a computer with Internet connectivity in order to access educational websites. Once the activities have been completed, you should coordinate a report-back session and facilitate discussion among the various groups.

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