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Explain and analyze the principles of using ICT in education. Describe how these principles can be put into practice in their own teaching. Analyse what issues arise in implementing these principles and how those issues can be addressed. (KD.1.a)

Lecture on good activity design and tied to national context and needs. Tutorial session to allow students concieve activities to address policy needs.

Duration: Total of 3 notional hours – 1 hour lecture and 2 hours group tutorial.

Notes to Lecturer: The participants will require some guidance on how to go about developing relevant and engaging learning activities. The checklist of questions below should be presented to the participants as a tool that can be used in order to focus their thinking and guide them as they develop a particular learning activity. These questions are only suggestions; you may want to change them or add some of your own.

For more ideas refer to ‘Being a Teacher’. [See Being a Teacher: Professional Challenges and Choices]. Ideally you should work through an example lesson plan and facilitate a discussion on whether the lesson meets the requirements of the guidelines listed below. Example lesson plans can be downloaded from the web [see].

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