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Students teachers describe how collaborative, project-based learning and ICT can support student thinking and social interaction, as students come to understand key concepts, processes, and skills in the subject matter and use them to solve real-world problems. (KD.3.a)

Lecture to introduce and discuss PBL role as a Constructivist teching method. Then 3 hour practical to unpack the concept fully.

Duration: Total of 4 notional hours – 1 hour lecture, 3 hour computer practical session.

Notes to Lecturer: The purpose of this lecture is to introduce in-service teachers to Constructivist teaching methods and it builds directly on from the lecture given in TL M03U01 which focused on didactic methodologies. In an attempt to provide the theory with a practical dimension focus, this lecture and the entire module will look at a particular manifestation of the theory, Constructionism, or more specifically, Project-based Learning.

Use your own resources to lecture on Constructivism, Constructionism, PBL and the role of technology, or you can use the lecture content provided in this unit.


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