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The UNESCO ICT CFT encourages cyclical growth of a teacher's ICT competency. New users should work through the Technology Literacy materials first and then graduate to the Knowledge Deepening materials. In time we will also include materials for the final cycle: Knowledge Creation.

Step 1: Identify which level you want to start with by clicking the appropriate coloured tab
along the top of the screen.

Within each cycle there are 5 focus areas: Understanding ICT, Curriculum & Assessment, Pedagogy, Organisation and Administration and Professional Development.

Step 2: Identify from the tabs on the left hand side of the screen which theme you are working in.

Each focus area has a number of units or lessons that looks at how to integrate ICT into these areas. Units can contain Notes, Computer Practicals, Tutorials & Self Study.

Step 3: Work your way sequentially through the module units by selecting the appropriate unit number from the list on the left of the content box.

Step 4: You can access unit components using the index on the right hand side of the content box. Ideally you should work through these components sequentially too.

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