This CD ROM has been developed to support the training of teachers to integrate ICT into their teaching practices. The materials, guides and activities are strongly aligned with the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (CFT).

While the course embraces the role ICT can bring to the classroom it is also not held prisoner by the need for high end or sophisticated technology platforms. The course can be deployed in areas of limited or no connectivity via CD ROM or memory stick as most of the resources have been previously downloaded and collected. There are also web and paper based versions of the lessons and guides.

This course uses materials that are Open Education Resources (OER) or free to use for educational purposes, allowing the use and distribution, and in some instances the repurposing of the materials, at no additional cost. (See the Open License tab for more information).

This Teachers' ICT in Education Course is predominately competency based. Theory and specific technology skills covered here are merely components necessary to achieve the following larger objective:

Create an educational environment within schools where ICT are used seamlessly by both educators and students in the pursuit of either quality teaching or engaged learning. ICT is also used to leverage high levels of administrative effectiveness and productivity.

To this end a suggested assessment strategy is formulated here. The strategy is made up of formative portfolio tasks and a summative test or examination at the end of each cycle: Technology Literacy and Knowledge Deepening.

But most importantly we hope the lessons are fun and engaging enough to introduce new possibilities and refresh the participant's passion for teaching and learning.

Getting Started