Task 3:
Presentation of Learning Activity

Please note that this is a recommended Portfolio Task and should be submitted for marking.

Prepare a short presentation which describes the learning activity and demonstrates the way in which it addresses the following questions:

  1. WHO is the activity for?
  2. WHY are they doing it?
  3. HOW will they do it?
  4. WILL they really do it, and want to do more?
  5. In what way does this lesson plan contribute to the nations’ needs as expressed in national policy?
  6. Explain and analyse the principles of using ICT in education.

Your facilitator will also collect in the individual presentations.

Teachers should be able to explain the principles of using ICT in education, describe how these principles can be put into practice, analyse the issues that arise in implementing these principles and how the issues can be addressed (KD.1.a).
120 minutes
Total 3 hours
Technology Literacy