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Pre-service teachers should be able to integrate the use of a computer laboratory into
ongoing teaching activities (TL.5.a)

Introduction to teaching strategies with one computer, small cluster and laboratory situation. Students debate advantages and disadvantages of each approach and then develop a sample lesson plan which integrates ICT from within a lab setting.

Duration: Total of 3.5 notional hours – 30 minute lecture, 1 hour computer practical session, 1 hour tutorial, and 1 hour self-study, preferably at a computer.

Notes to the Lecturer: Introduce the idea that the location or positioning of computers impacts on the way we utilise the technology for teaching and learning as it will impact on the lesson methodology. So what issues need to be considered? You can use the introductory passage to set the scene, but you should introduce the following arrangements: Laboratory (20 or more computers), Clusters (small venues with approx. 10 machines) or Classroom (1 or 2 computers, often with a data projector). Then for this lecture, focus specifically on issues around setting up and teaching in a laboratory environment.

Background Reading: (Internet access required)

  1. Computer Room/Lab Planning:
  2. The Four Best Computer Laboratory Layouts for Schools:
  3. Computer Lab Setup:


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