What is the purpose of
word Processing Software?

'Most basically, the purpose of word processing software is to enable a computer and an attached printer to be used as a typewriter. More generally, as the name suggests, its purpose is to create, compose, edit, format, store and send to print any text material or linguistic data. Advanced word processors include many ancillary functions, such as the insertion of images and coordination with database information.' (Ref: Wikianswers)

Microsoft Word is a word processing software package. You can use it to type letters and reports, develop lesson plans, and create worksheets and test papers, etc. Using Microsoft Word can support your work both in and out of the classroom.


Teachers are able describe and demonstrate the basic tasks and uses of word processors, such as text entry, editing text, formatting text and printing (TL.4.b )
60 minutes
Total 4 hours
Technology Literacy