Task 5 (40 minutes)
Multimedia Presentation

You have spent some time working through the tutorials above but now we need to pull these new skills together into something we could use in the classroom. It’s time to design and create a teaching resource. Remember to use the design issues we studied in Unit 2.

  1. Select a section of curriculum in your subject or learning area that lends itself to the use of multimedia (images, video, audio).
  2. Use the http://images.google.com search tool to identify graphics you could use in your presentation. Save any useful images you find on your computer.
  3. Create a presentation of no fewer than 6 slides that combines text and multimedia elements (sound, video or animation) to enhance understanding of your subject topic/learning area.

Please note that this is a recommended Portfolio Task and should be prepared for submission.

Teachers should be able to use presentation software and digital resources to support instruction. (TL.3.c)
120 min
Total 3 hours
Technology Literacy