The following self-study activity will
give you an opportunity to use and demonstrate your knowledge of Microsoft Word. You will be required to write a short report, format it and save it (either on the computer hard drive or on a removable storage device). It should be noted that you will require a copy of the National ICT Policy/Strategy Document  to complete the assignment.

Assignment 1: Write a short (1000 word), well-presented report using Microsoft Word and save a copy either on the computer hard drive or on a removable storage device. Please note that this assignment is a Portfolio Task and should be prepared for submission.

  1. The report should outline various classroom practices/practical strategies that could be implemented in order to support the ICT vision of the National Policy/Strategy of your country. For example, from Cambodia it is stated...

‘The long-term vision of Education for All in Cambodia is to ensure equal access to quality basic education for all citizens and to prepare its citizens to play an active role in reconstructing the country as well as integrating Cambodia to the knowledge-based global community. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) is introducing various initiatives to facilitate greater integration of information and communication technology (ICT) to improve the effectiveness of education at all levels and to produce the technologically literate, productive and critically thinking workforce for the country’. (Ref: ICT Cambodia )

Teachers are able describe and demonstrate the basic tasks and uses of word processors, such as text entry, editing text, formatting text and printing (TL.4.b )
150 minutes
Total 4 hours
Technology Literacy