It is time to pull our PBL together.
We have done our initial planning so let us review the plan and start to build this lesson. Note that this assignment is a recommended Portfolio Task and should be submitted on completion.

Your first consideration is to reassess the effectiveness of your questions. Remember that PBL is investigative by nature and the questions you pose must engage and galvanise the class into action. In some respects the question(s) is the engine behind the PBL strategy but questioning is essential to the teaching process whether you are using PBL or not. Learn more about the central role of questioning by reading this article of Why do We Ask Questions (Ref: CCTI)

  1. Reflect on the quality of the questions you have posed for the project.
Teachers should be able to implement collaborative, while providing guidance to students towards the successful completion of their projects and the attainment of a deep understanding of key concepts (KD.3.f).
5 hours
Total 8 hours
Technology Literacy