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Pre-service teachers should be able to incorporate appropriate ICT activities into lesson plans so as to support students’ acquisition of school subject matter knowledge. (TL.3.b)

Lecture on different strategiesthat exploit productivity suite tools. Looks at exposition and intereactive styles of teaching. Tutorial to help identify ideas within the student body and develop them further and computer practicals and computer self study aimed at getting the students develop such a lesson plan for their own teaching in their own subject.

Duration: Total of 4.5 notional hours – 1 hour lecture, 2 hour computer practical session, 1.5 hour group tutorial.

Notes to Lecturer: The purpose of this lecture is to build on from Unit 1 which focused on teaching. This unit should provide an overview of how ICT can support the learning process. Ideally, the learning envisaged here emanates from Didactic teaching, i.e. processing and monitoring. There should, therefore, be an emphasis on students demonstrating that they have learned something from the teacher’s initial stimulus. An accessible way to achieve this is to look at ways of using the tools in Office Suite software.

This lecture looks at a set of strategies the participants could be encouraged to use in order to exploit ICT to enhance the learning process. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory is used here to provide an opportunity for both teacher and students to use different tools to present and demonstrate content and learning in a Didactic manner.

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