In this unit, you will access and
share learning opportunities that support your own personal learning goals.

Use the computers at your disposal to conduct any research you might need to further your understanding and aid you in completing this activity.

  1. Reflect on your own professional development learning goals and consider what your ultimate goal in education is to be, be it a headmaster, district official, government education advisor or minister. Create a PowerPoint presentation and capture this information on your first slide.
  2. Next, conduct an Internet web search and identify three different learning opportunities that you wish to explore in helping you reach your goals. These may be formal or informal learning opportunities. In your PowerPoint presentation, create a slide that lists the basic details of each option (i.e. name of learning opportunity, website address and brief description of each).
Teachers should be able to use ICT to access and share resources to support professional development
120 min
Total 2 hours
Technology Literacy