In this activity you will need to
work in groups of 2 to 3. We will be investigating four collaborative tools you might be unfamiliar with. Should you need help in understanding them we encourage you to use the set of resources that have been provided as a starting point to assist you. Please note that this activity is a recommended Portolio Task and the final presentation file should be submitted for evaluation.


  1. Visit Twiddla and create an account as a group ( Using Twiddla, create a mind map relating to one of the collaborative tools that you have researched. Next, invite two other groups to join your Twiddla page and provide input and comment on the topic you have covered. You will be required to do the same when invited to provide commentary on another group’s mind map. Once you have finished, create a snapshot and save a version of the mind map.
Teachers use the network to support student collaboration within and beyond the classroom (KD.4.f).
180 min
Total 4 hours
Technology Literacy